Car Accident T.T

The incident happened on last Saturday, my mom and I went to my sister's school. It was a cloudy day. we did expect that it's going to rain. But still, after a moment, it started to rain; just a light rain. It makes sense when the clouds were turning grey before that.

On our way back home, my mom asked both of us, ''anything to buy?''


Slightly a minute after that, the lightning strikes fiercely. OMO~ downpour T.T
we didn't get a chance to go shopping. 

It started to jam here on the highway, because of the bad weather and cars running in and out from exits.

My mother stopped the car in the middle of that traffic jam. huh!

'Boom!!', we heard that our car was being hit by a light-blue Myvi from behind. The driver got out from his car and approach our car. My mom, also got out and checked on the knocked down. In that heavy rain they stood up with only one umbrella. HAHA, what a funny situation >.< 

Alhamdulillah, not a scratch laid our car.

What makes us worried was when we looked at his car. oh my~

Right on the bumper!, he dented part. What a disaster! Technically, his car hit ours, which is not our fault at all. He apologized to us.

To make this more tragic, we thought that, it was the first time he came to semenanjung. His plate number starts with Q, from Sarawak. Maybe, he just got back from his office.

After that, our plan to go for a shopping delayed. THE END.

sorry for the grammatical errors here and there, have to polish my dusty brain before its getting worst.